ways I cut down my waste in 2018

We have made it to 2019 friends!

Looking back 2018 was an amazing year, and I picked up some healthy habits, tips, and tricks to bring with me into the new year and hopefully you can too!

In 2017, I made the resolution of ZERO plastic water bottles. It’s been two years now and I am happy to say I’m still going strong (and don’t plan on stopping)! Along the way I found other ways to reduce my waste as well.

Hopefully you can find ways to incorporate these into your life as well!

1. Reusable Coffee Filter

Self explanatory.

2. Produce Bags

Take these to the grocery store with you instead of using the plastic alternative, or use them as nut milk bags!

3. Beeswax wraps

I use these instead of plastic wrap to keep food fresh!

4. Reusable Cups

You can get these anywhere but here are a few good ones!

5. Reusable Straws

6. Resuable sandwich bags

Like a ziplock but better.

7. Reusable Bags

Common sense, but here ya go!

Other ways you can reduce waste:

  1. Consume less. Only buy what you need and how much you need.
  2. Make you own mylks! I teach you how here.
  3. Cut old towels or t-shirts into rags to use for cleaning.
  4. Shop the bulk bins!
  5. Buy products that are in glass jars as opposed to plastic bottles and reuse them!
  6. NOOO plastic water bottles!! Try coconut water instead when you are in a pinch because they are typically sold in cartons.
  7. See if your local health food store has bulk soaps and body wash, you can refill old plastic bottles or jars there.
  8. Try package free beauty products. Lush Cosmetics has a bunch!

Alright time to show 2019 who’s boss! We are trying, Mother Nature! One step at a time.

I hope you new year is full of Love,


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