huge grocery haul – costco and whole foods.

Happy Tuesday and a happy day off to me! Typically that means food shopping day seeing as my boyfriend and I can go through enough food for a family of four in about a week and a half.


One funny thing I love about grocery shopping as a vegan is how good your shopping cart makes you feel, lol. Any one, any one??? At the check out I’m just looking at all the things I’ve picked and can’t help but hope the cashier notices how much health I’ve got going on. Today leaving Costco, the lady who checked my reciept even sent me on my way with a “okaaaay miss healthy!” Best compliment ever.

Alrighty, so I planned on doing a small Costco trip… but we all know how that goes. I got one of just about everything, and spent way more than I planned, but girl’s gotta eat! Ammiright?

Side note: Keep in mind, I do live in Hawaii, and the cost of living is quite high out here, so your grocery stores might be cheaper, or more expensive, prices will differ depending on location.

We tend to shop at Costco because it’s cheap, and like I mentioned, we eat like crazy. So all in all I spent $210.20 (before tax.) But for the record. I bought way too much f-ing shit. Here we go:

Cold Items

FullSizeRender (38).jpg

So! Starting out with refrigerated items and produce:

2 (3lb) bags of Banaynays : $3.98

2 (2 pack) Silk Coconut Milk : $12.78

1 bag of Limes : $6.99

1 jar Minced Garlic : $4.79

1 package Grape Tomatoes : $6.99

1 package Plums : $8.49

1 bag of Avocados : $10.99

1 package organic Strawberries : $6.99

1 package organic Blueberries : $8.99

1 package Mushrooms : $8.99

1 (4 pack) Firm Tofu : $6.39

1 (6 pack) Brew Dr. Kombucha : $13.79

These are sooo good! I’m not the biggest kombucha fan, but these aren’t too fizzy or too acidic, and are good for tummy health!

1 bag Broccoli : $5.99

1 package Baby Spinach : $3.99

1 package steamable organic Edamame : $11.69

Pantry Items

FullSizeRender (39).jpg

Next up, pantry items (and a watermelon lol.)

1 (2 pack) Dave’s Killer Bread : $10.29

My favorite brand! Super yummy and loaded with superfoods.

1 Watermelon : $ 9.99

1 bag of organic Pearled Couscous : $ 8.59

I was so excited to see this at Costco! I usually have to get this at Whole Foods bulk section. Check out my couscous recipe vegan cheesy mushroom israeli couscous.

1 box of LaraBars : $13.69

Another rare Costco find! Larabars are awesome because they have so few ingredients, usually just dates, cashews, and something else like peanut butter or choco chips. No added sugar or yucky preservatives.

1 (8 pack) organic Kidney Beans : $6.99

1 bag Steel Cut Oats : $5.99

1 bag of Pecans : $15.99

1 bag Love Crunch Granola : $6.89

1 Coconut Coffee : $9.59

My regular coffee has been really rough on my tummy recently so I need to try something new. I’ve never tried this before but every time I shop I almost buy it, so today I finally did. There is still coffee in it but the main ingredient is coconut, so I hope it will be easier on the belly.  I will let you know how it is!

That does it for my Costco trip, on the way home I stopped at Whole Foods to get a few extra items (then got carried away of course.) I spent 93.10 which is far too much. I planned on just getting veggie broth and coconut yogurt and here we are…

FullSizeRender (37)

2 So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Yogurt : $15.98

2 Zucchini : $4.96

4 Vegetable Stock : $ 14.36

1 Thai Green Curry Paste : $4.49

1 Dulse Flakes : $4.99

Never tried these but I’ve seen them getting attention from other vegan blogs. Really high in Iodine and Iron!

1 Treeline Herb Garlic Cheese : $ 10.99

I tried this right when I got home with the Mary’s Crackers, and ehhhhh. It’s just okay. I wouldn’t say its very cheesy, but it is a nice dip, but for the price next time I will pass on this one.

1 Feildroast Chao Coconut Herb Cheese : $ 6.99

I never usually buy this much vegan cheese but I got carried away. I have tried this brand before and it is buy far my favorite!

1 Follow Your Heart Pepperjack Cheese : $6.49

1 box Mary’s organic Crackers : $6.79

1 Eat Pastry Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Edible Cookie Dough : $5.49

I mean, can you blame me? Also, I tried this right when I got home as well, and it’s good! Will be perfect for late night sweet cravings.

1 Teriyaki sauce : $3.69

1 Coconut Peanut Sauce : $3.69


FINALLY, if you’ve made it this far, I am impressed. Now to shove it all into the fridge, the hard part.

FullSizeRender (40).jpg

Not the prettiest, but I’d say that’ll do!

I spent a good chunk of money today and of course, you don’t have to buy nearly as much food as I did, especially if only shopping for yourself. And to be honest, I could have saved a heck of a lot of dough by getting my produce at the farmer’s market, but unfortunately I will be at work at the same time so I took the fall. All in all,  I am happy with my purchases.

Now, I’m gonna go see what I can whip up with all of these goodies,

Until next time!!



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