How to grow your hair long and strong!

My hair is something I get asked about all the time! It’s thick, down to my butt, and extremely heavy (which isn’t ideal for someone living in a tropical climate but we’re making it work.)

I see so many posts about how to grow your hair FAST, and while of course everyone wishes their hair sprouted like a weed, you must remember it really doesn’t happen over night. After chopping my hair it took about two years to get it where it is today.


Step 1: Go Vegan.

Now, I know I just lost some people with that one. But this really is my number one tip for anyone who complains that their hair just will not grow. After going vegan my hair and nails started growing like crazy! In fact, I used to use it as a way to make sure I was eating a balanced diet. Whenever my diet would lack for a period of time my nails would start getting bendy and peel at the tips.

Eating a diet high in fruits and veggies is the best way to get all your nutrients, not just for your hair! Some noteable foods for hair growth include



Sweet Potatoes



Nuts & Seeds

and plenty more, but that’s a good start!

All of these are high in biotin and vitamins to give that hair some love.

Lots of people supplement biotin to kick-start their hair growth and while I don’t discourage this, I just believe it’s best to get it straight from the foods your eating! Plus, some supplements aren’t easily absorbed by the body so even though you’re taking them daily, it doesn’t always mean you’re absorbing it.

Step 2: Little to no heat.

Growing up I used to use heat on my hair daily and no wonder it was always breaking! I hardly use heat on it now, maybe once or twice a month and this has helped tremendously.

I know, I know you think you can’t leave the house with all those frizzies or fly aways but you can find cute ways to wear your hair up if you hate them so much. TRUST ME, the heat tools are no friend to your locks.

Step 3: No more drugstore shampoo.

It’s worth it. You can ask your hair dresser what they recommend if you are totally at a loss or just do some research! I go to an Aveda Spa here in Honolulu and all of their products are cruelty free and the stylists can walk you through what products will be good for your hair.

Personally, I am IN LOVE with Function of Beauty. You can check them out at 

First, you will take a fun and quick hair quiz and choose all the benefits you want to get from your shampoo. They create a formula just for you (no two have ever been the same!) You can also choose what color you want the products to be as well as the scent–it’s the little things. Once you find your perfect formula it can even be set up as a subscription and shipped to your door every few months. PLUS, they put your name on the bottles! Little things guys, little things.

By the way, this is in no way sponsored, but hey Function of Beauty! Hit a sister up.

Step 4: Wash your hair minimally.

I started doing this mostly because I just freaking hate wet hair. Just thinking about it dripping down my back is making my skin crawl. Washing your hair too often can strip it of its natural oils and even cause a dry and itchy scalp. Dry hair is more likely to break and split or look frizzy and dull.

I would say I wash my hair 2-3 times a week. This probably sounds like hell on earth for my oily haired ladies but think about this, your hair is trying to compensate for the oils that are being stripped out by your shampoo. It could be a process but your hair will learn to adjust if you keep up with a more minimal hair washing routine.

Step 5: Brush that shit.

Massaging your scalp helps the hair grow, grow, grow by increasing the blood flow to the follicles. If you have straight silky hair, brush it often. For my curly haired girls, i know hair brushes are the devil. You can try flipping your head upside down and giving your scalp a massage with your hands for a few minutes a day (possibly before bed to keep the frizzies in the privacy of your own home.)

It is also said that this helps make your hair thicker and stronger over time, worth a shot!

Step 6: Be patient and loving.

You could try talking to it, it works for my house plants?

But seriously! Give it time and love. Eat your veggies, drink your water, and ditch Herbal Essences.

Thank me later.

Honorable mentions:


Use a wet-hair hair brush! This is the one I use.

Give your hair a cold rinse before getting out of the shower, this will seal the follicles and make it shine.

WHATEVER YOU DO, keep it made with love 🙂

Hope this was helpful, talk to you soon!




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