how I survived a fairly low carb week

If you follow me on instagram, @madewithlovevegan, you might have seen my story about how my Whole Foods trip this week didn’t quite go as planned. I went there to get some staples such as pasta, bread, and tortillas, the vehicles for basically all of my meals. As well as coconut milk, to make curry, and veggies specifically for the curry like mushrooms and zucchini.


I did not buy a single one of these items. I considered a visit to the ER for a scan of my brain. I’ll keep you posted.


I was going to go back to the grocery store to pick up the items I forget but I had already spent a small fortune, and decided to challenge myself to make meals with whatever it is that I did buy. So here’s how I did it:


  • Breakfast potatoes and avocado
  • Peanut butter latte smoothie
  • Rice cakes and avocado with hemp seeds
  • Clif bar
  • Left over tofu scramble
  • Papaya
  • Annie’s Organic cinnamon rolls — treat yo’self

Lunch and Snacks

—thankfully I wasn’t home much for lunch time, I was either at work so I would have whatever family meal they provided or at the beach (tough life I know.)

  • Beach snacks: Fritos, rice cakes with avo and Nutzo.
  • Blueberry/banana/date smoothie
  • Restaurant- Pasta with mushroom, cherry tomatoes, and spinach with garlic olive oil.
  • Quinoa with asparagus, tofu and roasted garlic
  • Crackers¬†and vegan cheese- I like Treeline or Miyokos
  • Family meal-Tortilla soup, rice and veggies with soy sauce, and other days… broccoli.


  • Carrot risotto with asparagus and mushrooms *recipe coming soooon! will link once its live*
  • Tofu scramble with breakfast potatoes and spinach
  • Taco Bell (oops. My order- crunch wrap sub meat for beans, no cheese and no sour cream. also, add potatoes)
  • Quinoa, baked tofu, sweet potato
    • the next night I ate these left overs
  • Sweet potato stuffed with a left over bean/rice burrito mix and avocado

Basically, my diet really is about balance. I don’t get down on my self for getting taco bell in a pinch, it’s delicious, it’s vegan, and i wanted it. SO THERE. I would say typically I eat healthy options 80% of the time, the other 20% is for when I’m feeling lazy or simply just have a craving.

People always want to say that a vegan diet is about restriction, but I don’t find that to be true at all. There is a vegan option for everything these days, and you will find when you stop eating all the harmful foods you’re addicted to– cough cough CHEESE– you stop craving them. And at some point, they don’t even seem like food to you.

Also, I am a lover of left overs these days. Not necessarily the restaurant doggy-bag kind, but when I cook my own meals I make sure to make more than one serving so I can have something quick, yummy, and healthy the next day. Especially when I get home from work, starving and exhausted, nothing is better than checking the fridge to find an already prepared meal.

I’m pretty proud of myself this week for making it work! Next time I go to the super market I will be sure to bring a written list, not just the one in my head.

Always keep it made with love,





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