dear ladies.

Hello Lovelies,

I’m not sure why i feel so inclined to write about this but… well, who cares.

A girl I follow on the grammm got a question about how she stays so in shape and her response was something along the lines of, “I literally don’t work out or eat healthy.” Now, this girl… we’ll call her Kate.

KATE, has a cute little athletic figure and is constantly posting bikini pictures, you know. We all know a Kate. I, myself, am a Kate. And I have no problem with what she is posting.

My issue is with the on-going trend that being unhealthy is cute.

I probably sound like a huge hypocrite to anyone who grew up with me because my diet consisted of Kraft mac n cheese and Hostess mini muffins, and yup, still had the same figure that I have today, after being vegan for three years.

Being healthy, whether it be eating well, being active, getting enough sleep, cutting back on stress, WHATEVER IT IS, is empowering!

It’s unfair to make being unhealthy look like the newest fad, especially for those out there struggling with self image. Not taking care of yourself can lead into a downward spiral of anxiety, self doubt, and of course mess with your weight, skin, hair–you know the deal. Even if you are one of the people who can eat whatever they want and not exercise, doesn’t mean you should? Working out and eating right is something you can be proud of and, aside from that, just downright makes you feel good.


we’re eating healthy, we’re being active, we’re drinking water, we’re moisturizing, we’re making money, we’re getting rid of toxic relationships,

we are THRIVING.

This is self love, this is bettering oneself.

Go get ’em tiger,


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