becoming vegan.

Yes, i know, you “could never do that.”

That’s what I thought too. We live in a fast-paced world based around convenience. Fast food, drive thrus, and $1 menus. Why would anyone give that up?

I never expected that I would, until I had an assignment in one of my classes to write a paper after watching the documentary Food, Inc. The movie made me consider what I was really putting in my body. Was eating meat that was fed chemicals, living belly deep in its own feces, and processed in filthy slaughterhouses really doing my body any good at all?

I started to develop this obsession, if you will, with finding out the truth about nutrition and how our bodies utilize the food we put in them. I gave up all meat except fish- making me pescetarian- at first. Super easy, especially living in Hawaii where fish is just about everywhere you turn. Then that wasn’t good enough for me and I wanted to push myself. I decided I would finish off everything I had in my fridge already- eggs, cheese, sour cream and other dairy products- and then not allow myself to buy them again. I was my way to being vegan.

I continued my research by watching documentary after documentary including, Earthlings, Cowspiracy, Forks over Knives, and some others. I also found @KalelKitten on youtube and she was so relatable that it made her videos super easy to watch. She wasn’t a hippie, dread-head vegan that i think everyone pictures in their mind. (But if she was, I might love her even a little bit more!)

My friends and family definitely thought I was crazy. But it was easy for me. Especially after seeing the videos of what actually happens in slaughterhouses and also the effect eating animal products has on our environment and our bodies.

We have all been brainwashed to think that we NEED to eat meat for protein and NEED to drink milk for strong bones. HOLY SHIT, that is not true at all. In fact, cows milk actually depletes our bodies of calcium, oh the irony! Cow’s milk is made for BABY COWS, not baby horses, monkeys, or, you guessed it, humans. Anyway, lets address the milk calcium myth: all animal protein, including milk, is acidic. Calcium is an acid neutralizer, and our bones hold the most amount of calcium in the body. So the calcium is pulled from our bones every time we take in these animal proteins, and then exits the body through our urine. And TADA, that is how the United States, the largest milk consumer, also has the highest rate of osteoporosis. Wake up people.

Anyway, I’m done preaching about milk now. Let’s talk about meat. The US, also the leader in meat consumption, also has the highest heart disease rate. Well, isn’t it interesting that heart disease is caused by cholesterol, which is only found in animal products. By eating a vegan diet I literally am consuming zero cholesterol, not to mention because I have decreased the demand for meat, even though I am one person, I am saving lives every day as well as cutting down on toxic gases and emissions that are contributing to the depletion of our natural resources and saving the rain forest. And I feel good about that.

I notice that since I am actually paying attention to what I am eating, I am eating so so so much healthier and I feel amazing! My hair is growing like crazy as well as my nails, and maintaining my weight is easier than ever. I never leave the dinner table feeling uncomfortably full or sick, just satisfied. I eat until I am full and I eat as much and as often as I like. But because I am putting REAL foods into my body, it knows exactly what to do with them, giving me energy and making me feel great.

I never push this lifestyle on people and I try not to preach about it unless I am asked. I know everyone actually IS capable of living this way, but it is up to you how you live/eat, and trust me, no judgement here.

If only people were aware of what they’re really eating, more people would be drawn to fruits and veggies. And like Paul McCartney once said, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.”

Couldn’t agree more.

If interested at all, the documentaries I’ve already mentioned are all extremely informative and I recommend all of them! I also recommend looking up Gary Yourofsky on youtube and watching some of his speeches, they’re amazing! Or check out, you won’t be disappointed.

Be kind, and eat food made with love 🙂 Until next time!


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