a message to brainwashed consumers.

Why does the word “vegan” make everyone so uncomfortable? It’s like it’s taboo to think that someone wants to live compassionately and healthy.

Why is it that when mentioning that you eat a plant based diet the general public is so quick to tell you to “be careful!” or “watch your nutrient intake!” But when someone mentions they’re going to McDonalds no one is yelling at them to “be careful!”

Why is it that meat eaters are so quick to compare themselves to other animals- ones that NEED meat to survive- but in any other context being compared to an animal is offensive? You’re such a pig or a dog is never a compliment but all the sudden your anatomy is identical to that of a lion? Sorry, but I’m not buying it.┬áPlease name me one time you chased down your food, killed it, and ate it using only your bare hands and teeth. Oh wait! You can’t! Because we don’t have claws. We can’t run 50 mph. We don’t have sharp teeth. And lastly, we can’t eat raw meat straight off the carcass. Not to mention, our intestines aren’t even remotely similar to that of a lion. Carnivorous animals have a short digestive tract which can get the decaying animal in and out of their body in a timely and efficient manner. We HERBIVORES have a long digestive tract which is why animal products will, um, back you up, if you will. We simply are not built to consume animal products. It isn’t natural.

We are an extremely brainwashed society. And we like it that way, or everyone would be doing something about it. Almost everyone you mention animal cruelty and animal agriculture to will immediately just tell you upfront that they prefer to be ignorant to the situation, they just “don’t want to know.”

And I’ll admit, sometimes I wish I didn’t know what was going on behind closed doors too!

But I do. And acting like it isn’t happening isn’t fixing the situation.

Every industry- including the food industry- is based solely on supply and demand. The customer wants it, the company will make it. For example, when everyone wanted to start eating only organic or gluten free, it isn’t a coincidence that companies everywhere starting coming out with organic and gluten free options. So the excuse that it won’t make a difference because you are only one person, really isn’t an excuse at all.

With that said, it’s not about being one person. It’s about joining a group of people who share the same mindset and lifestyle as you and all working together, even if you don’t know you are.

We eat out of convenience for two reasons: we are lazy and we like to be like everyone else. People don’t like to stray away too much from “the norm.” For example, how many parents really feel that feeding their child McNuggets, Doritos, and Kraft Mac and Cheese is good for them? I’d say slim to none. Talk about vegans needing to “watch their nutrient intake” pshhhtt…. But no parent wants to send their kid to school with out sugary processed snacks because that’s what all the other kids have. And no parent wants their kid to go to a birthday party and not be able to eat the birthday cake, because everyone else is eating it! I get it. I do. But what we aren’t understanding is that we can change “the norm.” Being unhealthy, uneducated, and unethical doesn’t have to be “the norm!” In fact it’s actually completely absurd.

Basically what I’m saying here is educate yourself. Media and marketing are just feeding you lies about what is actually good for you or the environment or whatever just to make money. And if you want to continue to support them then be my guest! But my money and my health doesn’t need to be going down the drain because I believe everything I see on packaging or television. (Ps, ever notice how in between the commercials for fast food or meat products are other commercials for Pepto Bismol, Advil, and other medications? Hmm, weird.)


End rant,



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